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    Hello and welcome to my website. Ask me anything about holistic health and fitness excellence, and I will help you put it all together.

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    Once Upon a Time, there was a renaissance artist who’s website was in the process of being reestablished… Please bear with me as I get these pages repopulated. Thanks!

    I am available to help you with your book editing, formatting, cover design, and promotion; in other words, full process… You can see that I have gone through the stages from start to finish¬†many times, and I have learned from some of the best.

    On the Art of Collecting Poetry, by Brian Paul Allison

    What a Feast! Those of us who love poetry will connect to it on a heart level, and those who wonder what all the fuss is about will discover, at the very least, an appreciation for it. This is a well-informed, lively, fascinating volume. I am grateful for it!

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    Holistic Health, Lecture One

    Environment, Water, Food


    image personal training

    Holistic Health, Lecture Two

    Movement, Posture, Breath


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    Holistic Health, Lecture Three

    Mental, Social, Spiritual

    Poetry Theater, Performance #1


    Nature and Cosmos


    Poetry Theater, Performance #2


    Loving Relationships

    Poetry Theater, Performance #3


    Transpersonal Spirituality

    Presentations and Performances

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    One Sheet

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    Digital Art

    Interdimensional Sentinel (first manifestation)

    The Interdimensional Sentinel

    The Arboreal Troubadour

    The Nature Deity

    Liquid Cathedral

    Native Expressionism

    Mirror Art


    City Portrait

    Self Portrait In Glass



    Sailboat Race

    Oil Painting

    Self-Portrait in oils 2005

    Karen on the Couch with the Cat

    Lauril Age Four

    Landscape Sunset in Oils

    Me and the Dogs on the Couch

    Chicken the Cat

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