Brian Paul Allison

Brian Allison is a wellness expert, artist, author, and motivational speaker on the topics of optimal health and peak performance. He also recites a wide range of poetry for inspiration and transformation in a process he calls Poetry Theater (tour de force).

 With a background in human potentials going back over 30 years, he was the Creative Director of Adventure Game Theater (as seen on PBS at Omega Institute). He is the author of several books, including, The Adventures of W.B. (children's), The Art of Collecting Poetry, Notes from the Nethersphere (poetry), Tales of the A.G.T., The Carb Control Handbook, The Soul in the Stone (featuring digital art), and the upcoming, Dire Chronicles (available as pre-order here).


Certifications include:

SCW Group Fitness Leader,

Yoga Alliance, ACSM, NASM,

American Tai Chi Association

Johnny G Spinning, ViPR,

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist,

ACE Behavior Change Specialist,


He is also an avid animal lover, especially in the case of his Katy Cat, Marley (in front) and Shamma (behind).

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a novella's worth of information.



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