Brian Paul Allison


The Soul in the Stone


Based on a true story, this magically illustrated saga is a moving, transformational call to action--a semi-psychedelic dramatization of environmental awareness and transcendental inwardness that is extradimensional in its scope, and nerve-striking in its critical importance. This book is an existential epiphany in digital art.


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The Art of Collecting Poetry


Create your own personal anthology to get even more enjoyment from your best loved poetry. Think of this as a self-help book for the poetry-collecting hobbyist. It is also a memoirette describing my personal journey into the depths of wisdom poetry, and other fun stuff.


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I am SO GLAD to have discovered this gem to be able to share with my students. ..This is a well-informed, lively, fascinating volume. I am grateful for it!

Winslow Elliot, Author


"Brian reminds us why poetry still really matters.

Carol Rose, Ed D.

The Carb Control Handbook


Formerly titled Wake Up and Smell the Ketones, this book guides the reader through a step-by-step journey towards freedom from carbohydrate addiction and their deleterious health effects. Dr. Robert Atkins was on the right track when he said, "We live in a sugar-toxic society." The new research brings carb control into its proper light, as a means of preventing excess glycation, accelerated aging, and other ills...


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Tales of the A.G.T.


This is a semi-autobiographical account of the development, history, and metamorphosis of the most sophisticated fantasy role-playing game ever to hit the collective consciousness of the New Age scene.  In this book, the creative wizard behind the process tells of the vagaries and challenges associated with bringing such a wild and crazy experimental theater process to life. The chapters go back and forth between memoir and science-fiction storytelling to create a narrative that is heartfelt and humorous, melodramatic and moving.

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Notes from the Nethersphere


This is my first book of poetry, which spans over twenty years of my young adult life. It is largely tongue-in-cheek, at times confessional, satirical, lyrical, formal, irreverent, humorous, soul-searching, diabolical... and maybe even inspirational. With the illustrations and heavy stylization, I am pretty sure it offers a unique voice to the modern poetry scene, for what it's worth. Yeah!

The Adventures of Wally Buttle


This children's book "illustrates" the importance of water awareness for personal and planetary health, the choices that we make concerning dietary beverages, and the need to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that are used.

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an image from The Soul in the Stone

A Connecticut Yankee in Queen Mab's Court

And Coming Soon (preorders available):

The Dire Chronicles, Bk 1 sampler, Ch 1- 3


After a super-nano-viral plague reduces the human race to psychotically murderous mutants, resembling a cross between zombies and vampires, who hoard weapons, food, and territory, one such creature realizes his plight but is unable to do anything about it--except to chronicle his story in the psychic record via gemstone-mediated clairvoyance. Meanwhile, cats and dogs become intelligent and bipedal, with paw-hands and a little bit of telepathy. This   science-fantasy romance is an allegory for our times. A cautionary tale with a progressive message. Like Orwell's Animal Farm on steroids...




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