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Integrative Health & Fitness Mastery


This is the overview of a truly complete program, the whole whose sum is greater than its parts, and the best way to ensure optimal results in vitality, social harmony, weight loss, athletic and academic performance, as well as professional productivity. Those who seek the ultimate competitive edge should be thinking and acting super-holistically.

Getting Great Grades


Optimal health practices support the learning process on all levels and at all ages. And it's not just about boosting brain power, it's also a matter of building study habits that are more effective in accelerating learning abilities. These are the techniques used by top students, actors, and "mentathletes" (memory competition champions).

The New Dietary Arts of Optimal Health


Resolving the "diet wars" with an overview of the healthiest options and putting them into a spectrum from Ancestral, to Keto, to Vegan, this discussion offers the most effective strategy for improving health and fitness through the smartest eating habits available to us in the modern world.


The Magic of Carb Control


This session provides a clear path to the many benefits of becoming fat-adapted with a program of nutritional ketosis (a ketogenic diet)... This is a way of eating that reduces hunger and alleviates the up-and-down energy fluctuations of a high carbohydrate, high sugar, diet. "Wake up and smell the ketones."

Vitality Celebration (In the Gym)


Working out is sometimes seen as, and felt to be, a kind of chore that has to be done to get the benefits of exercise--sometimes even as a torturous drudgery, but this presentation starts with the perspective that there are many people who cannot go to the gym because of illness and injury who wish they could. Even the most grueling workouts can be seen as a dance of appreciation.

The Smile Factor


The power and magic of smiling, which is like the control panel of metaphysical forces. Master the most important habit to create more success and happiness in your life. This simple yet transformative practice will leave you with lots to smile about.

POETRY THEATER (tour de force)


"Oh for a muse of fire that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention... there is no frigate like a book to take us lands away... and in my heart, Andromeda"

The Art of Collecting Poetry comes to life in this demonstration of memorization and theatrical delivery. Not to be missed.

The Soul in the Stone


This program gives a behind the scenes look into the digital artwork making up The Soul in the Stone... Photoshop is a tool for transcendentalism when such beauty and existentialism are brought forward in this new way of "holding the mirror up to nature."




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